In our country the leather-industry has a long tradition, and it represents an important sector of economy. Significant place in the leather-industry belongs to "Kotex promet"d.o.o.. It was founded in 1993. as a company for transport of raw skin and wool. The company was founded as a limited liability company with the absolute share of the capital of the founder. It employs 30 workers who are fully trained for their jobs.

        The company owns 10 trucks, trucks and vans specially equipped for the necessary activities. Our success is partially ensured by a multi-year collaboration with the slaughterhouse from which we buy raw leather. Purchased raw leather is directly taken from the slaughterhouse and transferred to the warehouse where it is sorted, classified depending on salt, packed on pallets and prepared for processing. Exchange companies located in Mladenovac, 16 Savic mlin Street, and warehouses for receipt purchased leather are located in:

The total annual traffic of rawhide:

        Stored goods are sold to foreign and domestic markets, of which about 60% of all goods are sold to leather-factory in Ruma, and the rest is realized through exports. Price is based on the current supply and demand in the market, as well as current market conditions.

Planned tasks for the next year are: